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100 Amazing World Facts!!

Fact #1 : Albert Einstein's last words were heard by no one else,except the nurse at his side who didn't understand German.

Fact #2 : When the world's largest diamond was discovered in South-Africa, it was shipped to England on a steam-boat under heavy security. But it was a diversion, and the real stone was sent in a plain box via post.

Fact #3 : Bob Marley was buried with his Gibson guitar, a soccer ball, a bible and a marijuana bud.

Fact #4 : In 2008, a married couple in the UK found out they were twins separated at birth.

Fact #5 : In an interview when Adele was asked about her weight, she replied with “I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears.” 

Fact #6 : Snoop Dogg released a smoke-able book called “Rolling Words”-You can tear the pages out and use them as rolling paper.  

Fact #7 : Siri was programmed to give sarcastic answers when asked certain questions. For Example:

Fact #8 : Adolf Hitler once gave a man a medal because he found his joke funny.

Fact #9 : Watching a horror movie can burn up to 200 calories - The same as walking for half an hour.

Fact #10 : Mila Kunis has Heterochromia -Two different colored eyes.

 Fact #11 : The Real-Life Barbie Doll

Meet 27 year old Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine. She's become famous worldwide as the "Living Barbie". Her body and her face bring to mind the classic girls' doll.Valeria used cosmetic enhancement to look like Barbie.Sounds weird that anyone would want to actually look like Barbie. 

Fact #12 : It costs about $10,000 to have your picture taken with Michelle Obama.

Fact #13 : The cost of being a real world Batman would be $300 million dollars.

Fact #14 : There's currently an award for $1,000,000 for anyone who can prove the existence of ghosts.

Fact #15 : Vodka can be used as bug repellent, hair conditioner and soothe jellyfish stings.

Fact #16 :  Live fish and reptiles are sold as keychains in China.

Fact #17 :  Macaulay Culkin was paid only $100,000 for his role in Home Alone, but was paid $4.5 million for his role in Home Alone 2!

Fact #18 :  After three days of death, the enzymes that once digested your dinner begin to eat you.

Fact #19 : A woman in UK, in 2005, delivered twins with two different fathers, a chance in 1 in 13,000 cases.

Fact #20 : The most expensive pen in the world costs around $730,000 and has over 800 diamonds on it.

Fact #21 : The average amount of time a woman can keep a secret is 47 hours and 15 minutes.

Fact #22 : In 1880 the Queen of Thailand drowned while her subjects watched because they were forbidden to touch her.
Fact #23 : Over a period of 200 years, 3 ships perished at the same location of the coast of Wales, on the same day (December 5th) and all 3 had only one survivor. The 3 survivors all had the same name: Hugh Williams

Fact #24 : Einstein refused surgery, saying: “I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly." - he then died the next day.

Fact #25 : A woman in Russia caught her boyfriend cheating when she saw his photo with another woman while searching for an address using “Street View"

Fact #26 : In Osaka, Japan “ripe tomato” hairstyle is the latest craze. 

 Fact #27 :

Fact #28 :

Fact #29 : An 11-month-old, Tibetan mastiff named Big Splash is the world's most expensive ($1.5 million) dog!

Fact #30 : Because of the crystal-clear water, Flathead Lake in Montana seems shallow, but in reality is 370 feet in depth.

Fact #31 : This refrigerator was built in the 1920s and cost $300. It's still running today.

Fact #32 : There’s a swing on the edge of a cliff in Ecuador. It's called the "Swing at the End of the World."

Fact #33 : The president of Uruguay is the poorest president in the world because he donates 90% of his salary to charity.

Fact #34 : An Indian man spent £14,000 on a solid gold shirt in the hope it will help him find a girlfriend.

Fact #35 : This photo is actually a super realistic pencil drawing made by a 22 year old self-taught Italian artist Diego Fazio.

Fact #36 : Japan has a suicide forest where 50-100 people kill themselves a year and sometimes aren't found for years.

Fact #37 : There is an underwater Train in Venice.

Fact #38 : This is a Cookie Cup. You drink the coffee and then you eat the cup.

 Fact #39 : The longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China. It was over 60 miles long and lasted 11 days.

Fact #40 : This is what a Watermelon art looks like.

Fact #41 : Bulletproof glass manufacturer 3M Security Glass placed this advertisement at a bus stop. There's apparently $3 million in cash inside there, behind their bulletproof glass. If you can break it, it's yours.

Fact #42 :  Submerged tree in the Green Lake.

The Green Lake or GrĂ¼ner See is a lake in Austria that dries out almost completely during fall, is used as a county park in the winter and is famous for the underwater park which forms during the spring due to the snow meltdown.

Fact #43 : Transparent balcony on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Fact #44 : Fearless three-year-old Charlie Parker plays with a North American baby alligator named Gump, Brisbane, Australia. Charlie boasts an extraordinary knowledge of animals and is laying claim to being Australia’s youngest wildlife ranger.

Fact #45  
This is a hidden beach in Mexico.

Fact #46 : In the Gulf of Alaska two oceans come together but the water does not mix.

Fact #47 : The 10 billionth song on iTunes was downloaded by a 71 year old man, Steve Jobs personally called him and gave him $10'000 iTunes Prize.

Fact #48 : An island country named Niue, had picture of Pokemon’s Pikachu on their currency in 2001.

Fact #49 :  Coca cola - Only Two people know the Coca Cola recipe and they are never allowed to travel in the same plane, in case it crashes!

Fact #50 : When Titanic was sinking not a single engineer tried to save himself, all of them stayed and kept the power on for other passengers. 

Fact#51 : SeaGaia Ocean Dome is an indoor artificial beach in Japan.

Fact #52 : 

Fact #53 : 

Fact #54 : 

Fact #55 : Saudi Prince Alwaleed owns a Diamond encrusted $48 million Mercedes and he charges $1000 just to touch it!

Fact #56 : There is a skyscraper in Japan that has a highway passing through its fifth, sixth and seventh floors.

Fact #57 : 

Fact #58 : 

Fact #59 : Spider-Man grew up at 20 Ingram Street in Forest Hills, Queens. The address exists in real life, and the family that lives there is the Parkers.

Fact #60 : Bruce Lee was so fast that his films often had to be slowed down in order for viewers to see his moves.

Fact #61 : A man spent 17 years building a Lamborghini from scratch in his basement and then smashed a hole in his house to get it out.

 Fact #62 :

Fact #63 : 

Fact #64 : 

Fact #65 : The current mayor of London once claimed that voting for his party would "cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3".

Fact #66 : A bite is taken out of the Apple logo to provide scale, so that the apple wouldn’t be mistaken for a cherry.

Fact #67 : A bite is taken out of the Apple logo to provide scale, so that the apple wouldn’t be mistaken for a cherry.

Fact #68 : Story of a Marriage that has lasted for 81 years, is 104 years old and his wife 100. As they were very poor, they could not pay a photo of their Wedding day. These snapshots collected the moment in which she again put the Wedding dress to recover that moment with her husband.

Fact #69 : Leaving America with more than $5.00 in pennies is a crime that could land you in jail for five years.

Fact #70 : World's First Virtual Shopping Store opens in Korea. All the Shelves are infact LCD Screens. User Choose their desired items by touching the LCD screen and checkout at the counter in the end to have all their ordered stuff packed in Bags.

Fact #71 : A woman with a PhD in math won the scratch-off lottery four times by figuring out the algorithm used to produce the tickets.

Fact #72 : OMG is acronym for an actual medical condition "Oversized Male Genitalia" -- People who are born with huge penis.

Fact #73 : 


Fact #74 : Drug lord Pablo Escobar had so much cash that rats ate nearly $1 billion of his money each year.

Fact #75 : There is a book titled “Everything Men Know About Women” - It is filled with about 100 blank pages.

Fact #76 : 


Fact #77 : In 1962, Bruce Lee landed 15 punches and a kick that knocked out his opponent in a fight which lasted 11 seconds. 

Fact #78 : In 2007, a Bosnian married couple found out that they had been cheating on one another in an online chatroom... with each other. 

Fact #79 : 


Fact #80 : Eminem would spend hours every night studying the dictionary, so he could expand his vocabulary for his rhymes. 

Fact #81 : 


Fact #82 : You are more likely to learn more in 4 hours via Google than a whole month in school. 

Fact #83 : Public phones are outdated due to cellular phones so the phone booths were converted to Aquariums in Osaka, Japan.

Photo: Public phones are outdated due to cellular phones so the phone booths were converted to Aquariums in Osaka, Japan. 

Fact #84 : 


Fact #85 :  


Fact #86 : 


Fact #87 : 


Fact #88 : 


Fact #89 : This is what a water bottle looks like before it's expanded using compressed air.

                          Photo: This is what a water bottle looks like before it's expanded using compressed air.

Fact #90 : 

Fact #91 : 


Fact #92 : 


Fact #93 : 


Fact #94 : Mother of coincidence!!!


Fact #95 : 


Fact #96 : 


Fact #97 : 


Fact #98 : 


Fact #99 : If you search for 241543903 in Google images, you will find a lot of pictures of people putting their heads in refrigerators.

Fact #100 : "Twilight" was rejected by 14 publishers before being published. 

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